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       Welcome to my webpage...............
Hi, I'm John Taras. I'm originally from Union NJ, I now live in East Brunswick NJ with my wife Michelle. I  have a 17 year old son Justin, a 18 year old step-son Jay, a 20 year old step-daughter Ashley and now a beautiful 3 year old baby boy- Luke.
 I am employed as a Senior Supply Chain Manager for Siemens Hearing Instruments in Piscataway. I set this website up back in 2001 as a hobby. Look around my website, check out the links on the left.

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As a hobby, I created a few websites.  : Supply Chain measurements or metrics, such as Inventory Turns. - how to calculate inventory turns

SupplyChainPurchasing - a supply chain purchasing website that we will someday update. - Supply Chain Management articles - supply chian info. YES i know it's not spelled correctly. I want to see if I can get any hits if someone mistypes supply chain.

Dubailand Vacation - info on Dubailand in Dubai. Eventually, it will be the largest vacation destination spot in the world. Dubailand will be over twice the size of Florida's Disney World. It will become the most popular vacation destination in the world. Dubailand will have 6 different "Worlds". The first will open during 2007.

Inventory Definition - an overview of basic inventory terms.

DangerousTricks - my 15 year old son Justin started his own website. The site has extreme sports video's.

Germ - article and discussion on germ therapy, germ line therapy and germ cell therapy.



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